Finance/Leasing options to fit your business.
SAVE YOUR CASH. Many business are unaware that you can lease all types of equipment including Electrical. When you need to obtain business assets to improve or grow your business leasing equipment allows you to save your cash for other critical business uses. Our leasing products and services are designed to match your unique business needs and goals.
Business equipment leasing Drives growth.

Leasing is 100% financing
Fast Approval Process
Conserve your Cash
Preserve Credit Lines
Potential Tax Benefits
Flexible Terms and Conditions
Off-Balance Sheet
For a lease application Call 214-650-1764

Common “End of Lease” Options
$1.00 BUY OUT
Also known as a capital lease and finance lease, $1.00 buy out is the closest option to straight bank financing. The lessee fulfills payment requirements for the duration of the lease, and once final payment is made along with $1.00, he/she becomes owner of the equipment.

Also known as an operating lease, this option may be tax deductible under IRS guidelines and payments can be written off. The equipment can be purchased at the end of the lease for its current fair market value (an estimated 10%) or the lessee can return the equipment with no further obligations.

Also considered a combination of the capital and operating leases, this option can be 10%, 15%, or 20%. The lessee has the option to pay a predetermined percent of the original equipment cost at the end of the lease, or walk away. By leaving a residual at the end of the lease, the monthly payments are lowered. Tax benefits can also be taken advantage of.

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